Our Services

Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) systems are a critical element in the cost-effective considerations associated with building services. This would include the design and function of simple heating services throughout to complex air conditioning and ventilation.

Typical Systems

  • Gas/Oil/Electric/biomass heating
  • Air Conditioning Systems
  • Ventilation (fresh air supply/extraction)
  • Electrical installation services including metering, estate lighting
  • Lightning Protection Services
  • Public Health Services
  • Plumbing and Drainage
  • BMS Controls
  • Mechanical Services including automatic doors, roller shutters etc
  • Fire Alarms and Security Systems

Both buildings and building services need maintenance during their lives. This is to ensure safe and efficient operation. Without proper adequate maintenance, there will be an increase in unforeseen failures and subsequent costs and a reduction in operating life. This should include adherence to SFG standard specifications and operated in conjunction with manufacturers recommendations for services and overall. This will include for more attention to equipment than simple testing and visual non obtrusive inspections. For further information see BISRIA guides.

Gas/Oil/Electric/Biomass Heating Systems

MCES “Gas Safe” registered engineers work on a variety of systems, part of the multi skilled and disciplined training our engineers are given. From the older cast iron boilers through to the low water content modular systems of heating. S.F.G Standard specifications along with manufacturers recommendations are applied and where unfamiliar systems are installed MCES invite manufacturers to report on condition and provide the necessary support and training to our own in-house engineers.
Part of any heating system will include the following, flues, pressurisation systems, pumps, controls and ventilation. Understanding the simplest system operation through to the more complex integrated systems are all part of good engineering services.

Air Conditioning Systems

It is essential that our multi-disciplined engineers understand the basic design and operation of AC plant therefore familiarisation is never overlooked when first invited to take on new or refurbished systems. AC systems vary from simple individual cassette units to multiple VRF installations. The larger centralised chillers again are serviced by our trained F Gas engineers. These systems will generally include condensers, compressors, filters and controls

Ventilation (Fresh air supply/extraction)

These systems are often an integral part of AC systems delivering temperature controlled fresh air as a mixture to re-circulating AC. PPM includes filtration, grilles, diffusers and local control via BMS.

Ventilation (Fresh air supply/extraction)

Qualified electrical engineers are fully equipped to carry out mains distribution inspections and testing including using thermal imaging of equipment. SFG specifications are applied to respective areas of equipment and installation. Recommendations on energy consumption can also be supplied saving the occupancy considerable sums of money. Lighting/lamp changing is tailored to each sites needs and dependant on lighting system types

Lightning Protections Systems

Annual testing and inspections including bird proofing, avishock systems.

Public Health Services

SFG specifications are applied to the inspection of wash rooms which will include WC, urinals, wash hand basins, taps, showers. Water Hygiene is also an essential ingredient and as LCA members our standards are high and monitored annually by the Legionella Control Association.

Plumbing and Drainage

SFG specifications are generally applied to both above and below ground drainage systems. The systems can simply be drainage into site discharge or include interceptor pits and pumping discharge systems.

BMS Controls

BMS control systems can be highly complicated installations. It is therefore essential that the controls engineer understands the design and operation of the system if he is to ensure both correct operation and optimum performance of system is being obtained.

Mechanical Services – Automatic doors, gates and roller shutters

The above services can be maintained by our sub-contractors and services supplied to appropriate high standards.

Fire Alarms and Emergency lighting

The highest standard of professionalism is applied to these Health and Safety priority items and services include regular weekly testing, quarterly and annual test and inspections along with comprehensive reports and recommendations made.